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Assassination of Caesar
44 BCE
Second Triumvirate Formed
43 BCE
Cicero Murdered
43 BCE
Battle of Philippi
42 BCE - Triumvirs defeat Brutus and Cassius
Battle of Actium
32 BCE - Octavian defeats Antony and Cleopatra
Temple of Janus closed
29 BCE
Restoration of the Republic
27 BCE
Virgil's Aeneid published
19 BCE
Ludi Saeculares - Secular Games
17 BCE
Ara Pacis
13-9 BCE
Ovid and Julia the Younger exiled
8 CE
Disaster of Varus
9 CE - lost 3 legions in Germany
Death of Augustus
14 CE
Tiberius's reign
14-37 CE
Nero dies
68 CE
Year of the Four Emperors
69 CE
Flavian Dynasty
69-96 CE
Eruption of Vesuvius
79 CE
Arch of Titus
82 CE - celebrates victory over Jews
Empire largest under Trajan
115-117 CE
Antonine Constitution
212 CE - grants citizenship to all free citizens of Empire
Crisis, barbarian invasions
3rd Century CE
Empire divided into East and West
395 CE