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What are minerals?
Minerals are solids that occur crystal shaped, natural, non-living, with their own chemical formula. They are pure and the building blocks of rocks.
What are the properties of minerals?
The properties of minerals are: hardness, texture, shape and color.
What is the test called that helps you to discover the unique qualities of the minerals?
Scratch test ( Mohs hardness scale to assign a number to the hardness)
latin=sediment... rocks are formed when rocks are weathered and eroded into sediment
What are the 3 main categories of rocks?
1. sedimentary, 2. igneous, metamorphic
affected by wind, rain and ice
carried away by rivers or streams
What acts to mold the sediment into rocks over thousands of years?
Pressure and cementing
Example of Sedimentary rock...Limestone
made from dissolved chemicals and organic sediments
soil, silt, small rocks, shells, etc...
Example of Sedimentary Rock...Bituminous Coal
an organic sedimentary rock formed by compressed peat bog
Example of Sedimentary Rock...Gypsum
formed because of evaporating sea water in basins
Example of Sedimentary Rock....Sandstone
made of tiny grains of sand
Igneous Rocks
ign-latin for are formed from molten rock cooling. Igneous rocks are intrusive or extrusive
Intrusive rocks(can see with eyes)/extrusive rocks(need a microscope to see)
cool and harden beneath the surface of the earth(granite,quartz)/cool and harden on the earth's surface(pumice, basalt obsidian)