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Mixture of minerals, mineraloids, glass, or organic matter
Rock Cycle
Model that shows how rocks are constantly changed from one form to another
Igneous Rock
Rock formed by the cooling and hardening of molten material from a volcano or from deep inside the Earth
Magma that eventually reaches the Earth's surface and flows from volcanoes
Extrusxive Rocks
Igneous rocks that form when magma extudes onto the Earth's surface and cools as lave...have a fine grained texture.
Intrusive Rocks
Igneous rocks that form when magma cools below the Earth's surface...usually have large mineral grains
Dark colored igneous rocks that form from magma that's rich in iron and magnesium
Light colored igneous rocks formed from magma rich in oxygen and silicon
Metamorphic Rock
Rocks that change due to temperature and pressure or that undergo changes in their composition
Type of metamorphic rock that's created when mineral grains flatten and line up in parallel bands
Type of metamorphic rock created when mineral grains change, grow, and rearrange but don't form bands
Sedimentary Rock
Form when sediments become presseed or cemented together or when sediemtns precipitate out of a solution
Loose materials such as rock fragments, mineral grains, and bits of plant and animal remains that have been moved by wind, water, ice or gravity
Sedimentary rock forming process that occurs when layers of small sediments become compressed by the weight of the layers above them
Sedimentary rock-forming process in which large sediments are glued together by minerals deposited between the sediments
Waste Coal
Large Piles of poor quality coal lying near abandoned coal mines...this can genrate acide runoff.
Process by which a power plant uses both the electrical and themal energy produced by the plant