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What is rock?
solid, natural material made up of one or more minerals
How is sedimentary rock formed?
made from pieces of rocks and minerals, forms in layers with the oldest rock at the bottom
How is igneous rock formed?
forms when magma (molten rock inside the Earth) cools and hardens
How is metamorphic rock formed?
forms when heat, pressure, or chemical reactions change one type of rock into another type of rock
What role does pressure have in the rock cycle?
Pressure is involved in the formation of both sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock.
You find a rock that contains a fossilized fern leaf. What type of rock is this?
How are fossils made?
Fossils are made when an animal or plant is buried in soft mud.
What is relative dating?
Because sedimentary rock forms with the oldest layer at the bottom, scientists can learn the age of the layer and the materials found in it.
Why do minerals have geometric shapes?
Minerals are made of crystals, which are geometric because of the way their particls are arranged.
We find a layer of rock that contains fossilized marine organisms. If the layer is in the middle of Ohio, what do we know about the area's history?
At one time, the middle of Ohio was covered by salt water.