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length of a rock means
How long the rock is (as measured in our class by inches...)
igneous rock
Fire rocks and are formed either underground or above ground utilizing intense heat
Igneous rocks are froom the...
cooling of molten rock called magma
sedimentary rock
crushed stone, animal parts, and plant parts combined in layers over long period of time with pressure
Rock Cycle
The formation of Igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks is called the ___?___ cycle
deep within the earth... melted rock as cools it becomes igneous rock
Metamorphic rocks are formed thru...
Physical change due to heat and pressure to form another type of rock
In Sedimentary rock
In what rock is a fossil found?
Chemical elements
The basic building blocks of all rocks, minerals, liquids, and gases are ______ _______
Rocks from outer space that fall to Earth and survive entry are called...
Igneous Rocks
What are rocks which are solidified by molten (hot) lava are called this
Sedimentary rock will become
this when changed in the Rock Cycle.
Metamorphic Rock
Sedimentary rocks are formed from
1] the weathering and transport (moving) or pre-existing rocks
2] chemical precipitation of sediments
Intense heat and pressure will create this kind of rock
Is a black sedimentary rock
Nimtz Quarry
The field trip took place here