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I am brown and look like I have writing on me.
Hieroglyphic stone
I am blue and have white stripes.
I am red Brown and have stripes.
Carnelian Agate
I am metallic and gray and magnetic.
I am shiny and sometimes called foolish.
I am blck and look like I have snow flakes on me.
Snow flake Obsidian
I am green and named for a river.
Moss Agate
I am pink and smooth.
Tumbled Rose Quartz
I look like the eye of a cat.
Tiger Eye
I am green and look like a snake skin.
Snake skin rock
I am smooth and purple
Tumbled Amethyst
I am clear and used in industry.
Quartz Crystal
I am rough and pink.
Rose Quartz
I am brown and have white stripes.
Tumbled Agate