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What are four terrestrial planets and what are five that are not terrestrial planets?
Terrestrial Planets are Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars.
Not Terrestrial Planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,Neptune, Pluto.
What is a rock?
Rock is simply any natural occurring solid mixture of minerals and other materials.
What is Mineral?
Minerals are any naturally occurring, inorganic chemical compound found in the earth.
What are the rocks called that forms from cooled magma?
Igneous Rock
What are the rocks that formed from pieces of other rocks?
Sedimentary rocks.
What are the rocks that are formed in heat and pressure?
Metamorphic rocks.
What are the three types of rocks?
What is weathering?
Opposite of mountain building.
What is depostiotn?
The broken pieces of rock are dropped else where.
WHat are two types of weathering?
- Physical weathering
- chemical weathering
What is physical weathering?
Broken up without any chemical change in the materials of the rock. Mechanically breask the rock.
What are five types of physical weathering?
-Frost action
-Root Action
-Thermal Expansion
What is chemical weathering?
Changed rocks chemical composition
What are four types of chemical weathering?
-Water Weathering
-Carbon Acid
-Living Organism
What are three types of water weathering?
Minerals are dissolced in water.
Absorbs water
What is oxidation?
Minerals join with oxygen to form new substance.
What is carbon acid?
Carbon dioxide reacts with water to form carbon acid. This acid can dissolve limestone. Biggest reason caves are formed.
What is living organism?
Acids from living organism such as liches, dissolve certain rock minerals, usually the first plants to start growing.