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What was the primary goal of American foreign policy during the Cold War?
to stop the spread of Communism
What was one effect of the Cold War?
An increase in political tension worldwide
What was the factor that helped lead to the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union?
the differing intentions between the two nations for the political and economic rebuilding of Eastern Europe after World War II.
What was the reason the East German government built a wall through Berlin in 1961?
to stop its citizens from fleeing to the west.

fleeing = escaping
Why were communist governments established in most nations of Eastern Europe shortly after World War II?
the Soviet Union used military and diplomatic pressures to install their governments
Why were the United States and the Soviet Union reluctant to become involved in direct military conflict during the Cold War Era (1945 - 1990). ?
because of the potential for global nuclear destruction
What do you call the production of specific things that a country can produce better than other countries and then sells these products to other countries?
After World War II, Stalin forced pro-communist governments where the Soviets retained control economically and militarily in most Eastern European countries. What best describes most Eastern European Countries immediately after World War II?
They became satellite states of the Soviet Union.
Germany was divided after WWII inti two nations. These two nations were East Germany and West Germany. They remained politically divided over forty years, however, these people shared a common cultural heritage. What was an action influenced by this cultural heritage?
The people of East Germany supported unification with West Germany.
During the Cold War the Soviet Union and seven of its satellite states formed the Warsaw Pact as a response to the perceived threat from NATO during the Cold War.. The Warsaw Pact was a defensive military alliance. What is one reason the Soviet Union formed the Warsaw Pact?
to limit the invasion from Western Europe
Cold War
Cut apart and study
Interdependence is the reliance on people in other places for information, resources, goods, and services. What are some advanges of interdependence among nations.
1. When nations are not able to produce certain goods, nations can get these goods.
2. nations with economic ties will avoid war so trade is not stopped.
Who controlled much of Eastern Europe after WWII?
Soviet Union