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Iran used this asset to its advantage in economic and foreign affairs.
What was one goal of Ataturk?
to modernize Turkey
What was the reason Latin 'America's drive to create domestic industries*
The unequal distribution of wealth hampered economic development.
Chapter 16
Social Studies 9
Nationalism and Revolution Around the World

In Latin America, What was the goal of economic nationalism?
end foreign control of Latin American economies
These white policies toward Africans led to African resistance and protests.
forced labor and heavy taxes
What was the reason Africans squat on white owned plantations and form illegal unions?
to resist European imperialism
What did many Indian nationalist expect when World War I ended?
greater self-government
After World War I was over, many Indians expected
greater self-government
The Arabs felt betrayed by the West following World War I - Why?
The were promised independence but instead their lands were carved into mandates
Robideaux 9
Chapter 16
Cut apart and study
In the struggle against British injustice, Gandhi adopted the method of
Why did Gandhi undertake the Great Salt March?
to end the British salt monopoly
Gandhi urged __________________________ as a protest
a boycott of British goods
The Mexican Constitution of 1917 established
minimum wage for workers
After World War I, many Indians were angry at the British because
Britain failed to fulfill its promise to grant India greater self government
One reform that was NOT adopted in the Mexican Constitution of 1917 was
Workers were not allowed to strike
Gandhi used _______________ to fight British rule
passive resistance
Some colonized people were unhappy after World War I ended. Why?
Imperial rule was not ended
What was the goal of the May Fourth Movement in China?
modernize China to protect it from foreign rule.
Gandhi did not use ___________ to fight British rule.
How did Pan-Africanism encourage nationalism?
It emphasized the unity of Africans everywhere