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a process by which a country's population moves from a rural to an urban society. People moving from the county to the city.
People in public office could appoint friends and supporters to government jobs regardless of their qualifications or honesty
spoils system
a government grant where American citizens and immigrants could acquire land
Homestead Act
a loose arrangement of similar businesses, usually formed in secret
large corporations that influence social and political politics and are sometimes refereed to as selfish and indifferent to the needs of the general public.
big business
an economic system where industries paid their workers by the pieces they finished
the theory that supported minimal interference by government in economic matters
laissez faire
a company that has no competition for marketing of its product
Native American culture began to disappear as a result of this migration
westward expansion
the practice or policy of favoring native-born citizens over immigrants
a movement in the rural areas of the United States seeking reforms in transportation (railroad regulation) and monetary policy (silver coinage)