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In nineteenth century cities, the poor lived
in tenements near the factories
Why did the population rise so greatly between 1800 and 1900?
The death rate fell
What is one main reason a group of corporations would form a cartel?
to set production quotas
London and Paris invested in new sewer systems. Why
to combat epidemics of cholera and tuberculosis
One new development was the assembly line. How did it help in production?
It made production faster and cheaper
How would you describe the living conditions in the slums?
harsh and crowded
One example of a new invention that changed communication was
the telephone
What were formed to help with labor reform?
Means of mass production such as interchangeable parts and the assembly line led to
lower prices for consumer goods
As a response to the Industrial Revolution, Hull House was founded in Chicago by Jane Addams to
Help the urban poor living in slums
Chapter 9
Life In the Industrial Age
Cut Apart and Study
Immigrants and other laborers who lived and worked in urban centers in the 1800's and 1900's fell victim to
unsafe working conditions, long hours, low pay and disease
Why does the government work to preserve competition in the market?
to keep prices low and ensure a wide variety of products for consumers
_________________ believed that society was a competition in which the fittest came out on top, which justified the inequality handed to immigrants and minorities during the Guilded Age
Social Darwinists
Consider the following changes that occured in the United States in the late 19th century;
1. Improvements in agricultural production
2. Increases in immigration from Europe
3. Advancements in networks of railroad and streetcar lines
These changes led to the
rapid growth of urban areas
One result of immigration in the late 1800's and 1900's was that the United States
became a predominantly urban society
Why was the formation of labor unions an effect of the U.S. industrialization in the late 1800's?
Unions organized industrial workers to protest unsafe working conditions and long workdays
During the Industrial Revolution of the late 19th century, farmers in the United States worked to increase their land holdings and modernize their equipment. A lasting effect of these changes was
greater productivity of farming.
One effect of idustrialization in the United States in the late 19th century was
an increase in urbanization
What is an example of a primary source of information for historians?
In analyzing the issue of whether or not immigration to the United States should be severely restricted, what would be credible evidence?
interviewing both advocates and opponents of immigration restriction
In order to decide which writers' opinions are most credible on a particular subject, a reader should look for writers who
express conclusions consistent with information
Tania is writing a paper for her history teacher about living conditions of immigrants in urban tenements during the 19th century. What would be a good source to quote in her paper?
19th century diary of an immigrant living in an urban slum in New York
What type of document is a good example of a secondary source?
a textbook
How did life of working class women differ from middle class women during the Industrial Revolution?
working class
1. lived in temements, slums
2. worked in factories, mills mines or domestic jobs
3. also had to take care of their families
4. worked two full time jobs
Middle Class
1. modest homes in nice neighborhoods
2. could afford servents
3. wives didn't work, they volunteered
identical components that can be used in place of one another are called
interchangeable parts
what do you call the measure of the quality and availability of the necessities and comforts in a society
standard of living
what are businesses owned by many investors who buy shares of stock?
what is the factory system called that produces huge quantities of goods at lower prices?
Mass production
women's right to vote is called________
women's suffrage
loose association of businesses that are ususally formed in secret. They agree to limit their supply of products in order to fix , set production quotas or keep prices high
ideas that applied the theory of survival of the fittest to was and economic competition are called
social darwinism
where workers add parts to a product that moves along a belt from one work station to another is called __________
assembly line
what is another name for wealth or resourrces to invest in business?
What is the belief that one racial group is superior to another.
What is the rebuilding of poor areas of cities called?
urban renewal
What is the movement that urged Christians to social service?
social gospel
Secondary or Primary Source?

a patent
Secondary or Primary Source?

a first hand account by witnesses to an event
Secondary or Primary Source?

a student interview of a Vietnam veteran
Secondary or Primary Source?

a biography of Abraham Lincoln
Secondary or Primary Source?

a social studies book
Secondary or Primary Source?

a photograph
Secondary or Primary Source?

a review of a movie from 2005