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F. Scott Fitzgerald
*"The Great Gatsby"
*"This Side of Paradise"
*A writer.
Ernest Hemmingway
*"A Farewell to Arms"
*"The Sun Also Rises"
*A writer.
Sinclair Lewis
*"Main Street"
*A writer
Harlem Renaissance
*Protested prejudice and racism
*Celebrated African American heritage
Langston Hughes
*A poet of the Harlem Renaissance
*"The Negro Speaks of Rivers"
Duke Ellington
*A jazz musician
*Take the A Train (famous work)
T.S. Elliot
*A Poet
*"Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats"
*"Aunt Helen"
*Work later used to make the musical "Cats"
Louis Armstrong
*Jazz musician
*One of the many African American jazz musicians
*One of the musicians that helped create jazz