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law making body of Great Britian
Sons of Liberty
groups that led the fight against the tax stamps.
Committees of Correspondence
groups that kept in touch by writing letters. Americans could send news of what was happening in one colony to another colony
Boston Tea Party
A tax was placed on tea. Americans refused to buy the tea. Some colonists in Boston dressed as Indians and climbed onto ships. They dumped some chests of tea into the water.
wanted the colonies to break away from Great Britian
wanted the colonies to remain loyal to the king
Why did the colonists feel that they did not have to pay the taxes passed by Parliament?
The colonists were not represented in Parliament and they felt they shouls have to pay since they did not have a vote on taxes.
Name two tax laws that were passed during the 1760's and describe them.
Stamp Act of 1765 (taxes on newspapers, legal papers, some books, playing cards)
Townsend Act (taxes on glass, paper, paint, tea)
complete and violent change in government
Continental Army
an army made up of colonists
a person who acts or speaks for other people
Provincial Congress
a governing body whose main purpose was to defend the colony against the return of the British.
Declaration of Independence
written by Thomas Jefferson. Said the colonies were free and independent-a new country had been formed the United States of America
Where were the first two battles of the American Revolution fought?
Both were in Massachusetts. One at Lexingotn and the other, Concord. They were the beginning of the war.
a long cut in the ground to hid from enemy fire
Why was NY important during the Revolutionary War?
Its location. If Britian gained control of NY it could split the country into two
Why did George Washington come to NY?
He wanted to defend New York City from the British
to give up
Explain the three pars of General Burgoyne's plan.
One would head south from Canada, to capture Fort Ticonderoga and Albany. A second force would come east and meet with the 1st force at the Hudson River. A third would leave NY and head northalong the Hudson. All three would meet in the middle on the Hudson River.
What were two important results at the battle of Saratoga?
Major turning point of the war. The American army beat the British, causing Burgoyne's plan to fail. The Americans were able to stop the British from gaining controll of the whole state.
a quick attack
a sparsely settled area
an army of citizens and they are part time soldiers.
Who were two American generals who led attacks aginst the Indians?
General John Sullivan and General James Clinton.
What was the reason for the raids on the fronteir?
The British wanted to stop food and horses from reaching George Washington's army.
Who carried out the raids?
mostly by Loyalists and the Iroquois.
a person who turns against his or her country
an agreement to stop fighting
ally or allies
is a friend or helper
Explain 4 ways NY suffered during the war.
1. 1 out of 3 battles were fought in NY.
2. many people were killed
3. Homes and land was destroyed
4. British occupied the city causing many people to leave. Only 1/2 as many people were left.