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relationship to preceding parts of article
clearly directed toward the research problem
address limitations of method
minimize threats to validity
conclusions drawn directly from results
attempt to interpret difficult, unusual or unexpected results
relationship to previous research
provide objective account of agreements and disagreements to their results with previous research
results are related to various theoretical explanations
theoretical implications of research
clearly state how these results are tied to previous research (does it support current theory or call it into question?)
are implications clearly justified? (first to call current theory into question or among others who have?)
practical implications of research: how am i going to use this information?
no immediate application may be apparent (speculation as to practical application must be appropriate and cautious). Direct practical application of results should be delineated to the reader (has ex and in validity been established?)
implications for future research
results may create more questions
improvement of internal validity may be needed (refine design or execution)
extension of external validity
further clarify relationship to previous studies
elaborate on practical applications