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Class Definition: Leisure
In order for a stress-free, enjoyable and relaxing time, leisure activities are needed for a healthy, happy life
Leisure Goal Setting
a. to establish what is important in your life
b. serves as a motivational force
c. it can produce a desirable sense of structure
d. it’s an enjoyable activity…we enjoy doing it
e. it’s satisfying
f. it provides a sense of achievement
g. helps self esteem
h. reduces your guilt feelings
i. leisure goals come in components
i. Short Term
ii. Long Term
iii. Ultimate Goal – your philosophy for leisure
Philosopher: Robert Pirsig
no justification for leisure
Philosopher: JB Nash
things men and women make to society
Wellness: Define
an active, lifelong process of first becoming aware of the way you are affected by your nutrition, fitness, stress, etc
Wellness: Components
a. Social – talk to friends and neighbors
b. Mental – using your brain
c. Physical – walking, working out
Tips of Successful Aging
a. Manage your stress
b. Make time for leisure
c. Stay Involve
d. Educate yourself regarding diet and exercise
e. Get involve in your grandchildren lives
f. Try new activities
g. Volunteer
Stress Skills: Coping
a. Relax muscles
b. Cognitive structuring
c. Assertiveness
d. Learn to play
e. Stay physically healthly
Social Psychology of Leisure: Define
It examines how the feelings and behavior of an individual are influence by others during leisure time. This becomes the study of people and their interaction with others – Seppo Iso-Ahola
Social Psychology of Leisure: Components - Attitude
a. Attitude – An idea charged with emotion (cannot be measured)
Social Psychology of Leisure: Components - Motivation
b. Motivation – pushes you to fulfill a goal
i. Intellectual
ii. Competence
iii. Social Reasons
iv. Stimulus Abvoidance
Social Psychology of Leisure: Components - Satisfaction
c. Satisfaction – Means of reward
Social Psychology of Leisure: Combined components makes ??
Happiness - It is mental as well materialistic. At times it is not visible. It is something positive and desirable