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"Conqueror"; the Jain term for a perfected person who will not be reborn.

Mahavira, the 24th tirthankara is an example of a Jina.

Word from which Jainism is taken.
The belief that all physical matter has life and feeling.
Ajiva: Matter without soul or life.

Jiva: Spirit, soul, which enlivens matter.
"Clothed in the sky"; a member of the Jain sect in which monks ideally do not wear clothing.
"Clothed in white"; a member of the Jain sect in which monks and nuns wear white clothing.
"Crossing Maker"; in Jainism, one of the twenty-four ideal human beings of the past, Mahavira being the most recent.

Known as crossing makers or ford finders because they serve as role models and guides who show the way to others.

In crossing, one has to get wet. Contrast with great vehicle of Mahayana Buddhism.

Mahavira bio similar to Buddha. Upper class family, rejection of status to pursue enlightenment via asceticism.
However in contrast, decides that extreme asceticism is the right path.

Pulls hair out, lost clothes etc.

As a result of his later liberating experience, he is called a "JINA" (Conqueror).
Adi Granth
"Original Collection"; the primary scripture of the Sikhs.