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9.5 pounds
Weight with Bayonet M1 and sling M1907
11.2 pounds
Length (over-all) rifle only
43.6 inches
Length (over-all) with bayonet M1
53.4 inches
Length of barrel
24 inches
Type of mechanism
Gas operated, semi-automatic
Loading device
En-block clip
Ammunition types
.30 U.S. (.30-06) ammunition
Muzzle velocity (M-2 ammunition)
853 (2,800 feet/second) meters/sec
Chamber Pressure
50,000 pounds per square inch (copper)
Maximum range
3,200 meters (3,450 yards)
Maximum effective range
460 meters.
(Maximum effective range is the greatest distance at which a weapon may be expected to fire accurately to inflict casualties or damage.)
Maximum effective rate of fire
16 to 24 rounds per minute. (Although there is no prescribed maximum rate of fire, a trained rifleman can fire 16 to 24 aimed rounds per minute.)