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ECGs provide information about time and voltage of electrical events in the heart. TRUE/FALSE
Each small box within a big box is measured how?
It is 1mm in height and 1mm in length.
Each large box has how many small boxes?
25 small boxes.
What is the significance between height and width of these boxes?
Height indicates voltage on the vertical axis, measured in mm or mv.
Width indicates time on the horizontal axis measured in seconds.
Each small box on a horizontal line is equal to_____ seconds?
0.04 seconds(or 40 milliseconds)
How many small boxes will equal a large box?
5small boxes equal 1 large box.
One large box measured horizontally equals how many seconds and milliseconds?
0.20 seconds/200 ms
Five large boxes equal how many second(s)?
1 second
The time duration of each wave of the ECG can be measured how?
By counting the small boxes within a wave on the horizontal line.
What are tics or hatch marks?
Second markers can appear on ECG paper as vertical lines, triangles or dots. These are tics or hatch marks. They can appear every 1,3or 6 seconds.
The marker occurring after every 5th large box indicates a 1 second interval,(1 marker per second), a marker after every 15th large box indicates a 6 second interval. TRUE/FALSE
The height or depth of a wave represents a measure of_________.
Voltage. Voltage is measured either upward or downward from the isoelectric line.
Each small vertical box is equal to 0.1mV. Therefore 10 small vertical boxes or two large vertical boxes equal______.
1 mV.
In cardiac hypertrophy, voltage will be increased. TRUE/FALSE