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What poem has two lines of poetry that rhyme and has a complete thought?
The first and second lines ryhme.
What poem has only one couplet?
Closed couplet
There are no other lines in the poem, except these two.
What poem has three lines of poetry that rhyme?
Each word at the end of the three lines rhyme.
"hands, lands, stands"
What poem has four lines, usually every other line in the poem rhymes.
The pattern is ABBA or AABB pattern rhymes.
What poem tells a dramatic or exciting story?
It's usually written in the form of a Quatrain and has a simple rhythm/rymning pattern. Can be set to music.
What poem expresses strong personal emotion?
These poems often sound musical when read aloud because of their rhythmic sound patterns.
What poem has a rhyme that appears within one line of the poem?
Internal rhyme
A word in the middle of the line, rhymes with a word at the end of the line of the poem.
What poem has 22 syllables and is a nonrhyming poem?
The first line is the subject and the last line is a synonym for the subject.
What poem has five lines and has a certain number of words in each line?
It comes from a French word and is shaped like a diamond.
The first word is the subject and the last word of the poem is the subject.
What non-rhyming, three line poem has 17 syllables?
It is a Japanese poem, usually written about nature. It has a 5,7,5 syllabic pattern.
What non-rhyming, five line poem has 31 syllables?
This is the oldest Japanese poem. It's line pattern is 5,7,5,7,7.
What poem does not follow any specific rules and usually doesn't rhyme?
Free Verse
The poet usually decided where the lines break. Blank spaces are used instead of periods or commas.
What poem usually tells a humorous story and has five lines - one couplet and one triplet?
They often contain hyprbole, onomatopoeia, idioms, etc. The rhyming pattern is usually AABBA.
Riddle - It goes through an apple. It points out the way, It fits in a bow, Then a target to stay.
An Arrow
It is shot from a bow.
Riddle - He has a look of awful scorn, And wears his clothes a funny way, Waving his hands ovr field of corn, He keeps the birds away!
A Scarecrow
He scares the crows away - crow is part of his name.