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what is the typical angle of the internal nasal valve?
10 to 15 degrees
In rhinoplasty, when do you place speader grafts?
when the internal nasal valve angle is less than 10 degrees
In rhinoplasty, when do you do an alar base flap?
correction of vestibular stenosis accompanied by malpositioning of the alar base
When does vestibular stenosis accompanied by malpositioning of the alar base occur?
often occurs in patients undergoing secondary rhinoplasty procedures
In rhinoplasty, when are patterned composite grafts of auricular cartilage used?
in patients who have external nasal valve deformities that involve cartilage and vestibular skin.
In rhinoplasty, when are lateral crural strut grafts indicated?
indicated for correction of alar rim collapse and concavity or malpositioning of the lateral crura
anterior ethmoidal nerve enters the nose near what structure?
crista galli
what does the external branch of the anterior ethmoidal nerve supply?
supplies the skin of the nasal tip and alae
the internal branch of the anterior ethmoidal supplies sensation to what?
the septum and the internal nasal walls
what does the infraorbital nerve supply?
the cheek, lip, lower eyelid, and the upper gingiva
where can the nasopalatine nerve be found?
the nasal septum in a groove in the vomer
what does the nasopalatine nerve supply?
It supplies sensation to the septum and the hard palate.
what is the treatment for periostitis of the dorsal hump after rhinoplasty?
oral administration of an antibiotic to treat the infection. After the erythema resolves, the dorsal prominence can be surgically excised in 8 to 12 months
what structures comprises the internal nasal valve?
septum, the nasal floor, and the caudal portion of the upper lateral cartilage.
what manuevers can be done to increase projection of the nasal tip?
graft to the tip, suturing the medial crura, and placing a strut graft between the medial crura. In addition, the caudal margin of the septum and cephalic alar rim can be resected
what manuevers can be done to decrease projection of the nasal tip?
resecting the lateral and medial crura and the nasal spine
what procedure can be done to decrease alar flare and nasal base reduction?
Weir-type alar resection or nasal sill resection