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Sjogren's si/sx
triad - keratoconjuctivitis sicca, xerostomia, arthritis

also, pancreatitis, fibrinous pericarditis
Sjogren's labs
+ ANA, antiRo/antiLa abs, 70% RF +
a/w HLA-DR3
Behcet's si/sx
20 yo
oral/genital ulcers
uveitis, arthritis, other derm dz
Dermatomyositis si/sx
young kids, old peeps
symmetric weakness of prox. muscles (can see dysphonia/dysphagia) look for trouble getting out of chair.
skininvolvement = heliotrope rash around eyes + periorbital edema
Dermatomyositis labs
high ESR, high CPK, abnl EMG, muscle bx --> inflamm, +ANA
Kawasaki's si/sx
<5 yo
truncal rash, fever >104x(>5d), conjunctival injection, cervical LAD, strawberry tongue, skin desquam.
--> coronary vessel vasculitis, aneurysms, MI
Kawasaki Tx
aspirin + IVIG
Polyarteritis nodosa si/sx
a/w hep B + cryoglobulinemia
fever, abd pain, weight loss, renal d/o, peripheral neuropathies.
Polyarteritis nodosa labs
high ESR, leukocytosis, anemia, hemat/proteinuria. Bx of medium-sized vessels --> vasculitis
Scleroderma si/sx
C - calcinosis
R - raynaud's
E - esophageal dysmotility
S - sclerodactyly
T- telangectasia
heartburn, mask-like leathery facies.
Scleroderma labs
+anticentrome Abs = CREST
+antitopoisomerase = scleroderma
What drugs can cause secondary SLE?
dilantin (phenytoin)
What is the dx lab in secondary SLE?
+antihistone Abs
What are the dx labs in SLE?
+ANA screen
+antiSm or anti-ds-DNA
What are other lab findings in SLE?
false + for VDRL or RPR for syphilis

PTT falsely elevated
(SLE actually thrombogenic)
Takayasu's arteritis si/sx
East Asian women 15-30yo
"pulseless" in 1 or both arms.
carotid involve --> neuro si, stroke
Wegener's granulomatosis si/sx
old peep
nose bleeds, nasal perforation, hemoptysis, dyspnea, hematuria, ARF
What's the diff between Wegener's and Goodpasture?
Weg = old peep, +ANCA

Goodpasture = young peep, +antiglomerular ab
Polymyalgia Rheumatica si/sx
Women >50yo
Pectoral and pelvic girdles, neck involvement
a/w temporal arteritis
Polymyalgia Rheumatica labs
Really high ESR
normal muscle biopsy/EMG