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What arthritis am I? Degenerative, isidious, pain in weight bearing joints, relieved by rest, morning stiffness less than 14 minutes, cripitus, Heberden's and Boucard's nodes, osteophytes and bone cysts on x-ray.
What arthritis am I? affects men over 30, sudden onset, 1st MTPjoint, monoarticular, urate crystals, tophi
What arthritis am I? Over 60, onvolves large joints, calcium pyrophosphate crystals
What arthritis am I? autoimmune, system inflammatory, affects synovial membranes, usually female 20-40, joint swelling, AM stiffness >30 min.,noes over bony prominences, pannus formation, deformities - ulnar deviation
What arthritis am I? Autoimmune, multiple organs, young women, sunlight induced rash, glomerulonephritis and CNS symptoms, positive ANA
SLE (Lupus)
What arthritis am I? autoimmune, diffuse fibrosis and thick skin and internal organs, female 30-50, dyphagia, hypomitility of GI, +ANA
What arthritis am I? autoimmune, exocrine glands, female over 50, dryness of eyes and mouth, +RF and ANA
What arthritis am I? Systemic panarteritis, temporal artery, vasculitis, HA, scalp tnderness, jaw caludication, results in blindness
Giant cell or temperal arthritis
What arthritis am I? seronegative, chronic inflammatory of axial skeleten, progressive stiffening of spine, lumbar curve flattened, +ESR, +HLAB-27
Ankolosing spondalysis
What arthritis am I?Seronegative, psoriasis, sausage appearing fingers, nail pitting, arthritis asymmetric, ESR, RF-
What arthritis am I? associated with bacteremia, sudden onset, monoarticular, weight bearing joints, large joint effusions, fever/chills, causative organisms: staph or strep
septic or infectious
What arthritis am I? mild short duration following viral infection, dx symptoms and hx, tx symptomatic
What arthritis am I? fever/chills, bone px and tenderness, X-ray - early, later erosion
What arthritis am I? ideopathic - thought to be autoimmune, multiple tender points or + 11/18 trigger points, fatigue, HA, inflammation absent
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: Osteoarthritis
1. degenerative (cartalige deteriorates), genetic 2. px weight bearing joints, crepitis, stiffness<15-10 min., heb/bouch nodes, slow onset, 3. hx, exam, x-ray 4. nsaids, glocosamines, eventual joint replacement, weight loss
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: Gout
1. uric acid crystals in synovial fluid 2. px, red, swelling 1st MTP, tophi, monoarticular, male 30+ 3. labs 4. nsaids, diet (limit purines) allpurinol (prophylax)
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: Pseudo gout
1. calcium crystals in synovial fluid 2. px joints, 60+, large joints 3. labs 4. nsaids
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: RA
1. autoimmune, chronic systemic inflammatory 2. px, siff >30, multiarticular, swelling, deformities, sub-q nodes over bony prominences, ulnar deviation 3. ESR, +RH 4. disesae modifying drugs (methotrexate) nsaids, cox 2's
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: SLE
1. autoimmune, systemic, multiple organs, young females, familial 2. photosensitive rash, neurological, glomerular, psychosis 3. +ANA, hx, exam 4. nsaids, education, anti-malaria, emotional support
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: scleroderma (raynaud's)
1. ideopathic female 30-50, thick skin, difuse fibrosis of organs, dysphagia, telangia, cardiac/renal involvement 3. +ANA, anti-nuclear testing 4. CCB, supportive for sx's
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: Sjogren's
1. autoimmune, affects exocrine glands 2. dry eye and mouth, burning itching 3. RH+, ANA + 4. supportive
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR)
1. vasculitis 2. HA, stiff, px in shoulder and pelivis, malaise, anemia 3. elevated ESR 4. low dose prednisone
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: Giant cell (temporal)
1. vasculitis 2. jaw claudication, HA, scalp tenderness, eventual blindness 3. temperol artery biopsy, exam, elevated ESR 4. ASA, high dose prednisone
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: ankylosing spondylitis
1. chronic fussion of vertivrae and SI joint 2. px in lower back going up 3. exam, loss of curves and motion, elevated ESR, +HLAB-27 4. nsaids, indosine
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: Psoriatic
1. seronegative 2. psoriasis, dip joint affected, sausage fingers, deformative joints, nail pitting 3. elevated ESR, s-rays show bone erosion 4. nsaids, costocosteroids
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: Reactive (Reiter's)
1. dystenteric or STD infection 2. urethritis, conjunctivitis, uveitis, arthritis 3. HLAB-27 4. nsaids, TCA, sulfasalzines
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: Septic
1. gonnacocall or lyme 2. sudden onset, px, hot, swelling, fever/chills, monoarticular, damaged joints, hx sexually active 3. culture, gramstain for bacteria 4. ABX asperate
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: viral arthritis
1. any acute viral infection 2. px, swelling, red, rash 3. exam, hix of recent virus 4. supportive
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for:osteomyelitis
1. infection 2. bone tenderness, fever/chills 3. x-ray early -, later raised around periostum, bone biopsy 4. surgery
Give 1. cause 2. Sx 3. Dx 4. Tx for: fibromyalgia
1. ideopathic 2. fatigue, weak, stiff, px in 11/18 trigger points, systemic, NO inflammation 3. dx of exclusion, exam, hx 4. exercise, diet, sleep, px management, TCA