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Alexander I
Czar of Russia
George III
Became king of Great Britian in 1760, he wasn't a very strong king. He didn't listen to the complaints of the people so that led to the Declaration of Independance.
George Washington
Commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolution
Haratio Nelson
Defeated Napoleon at the battle of Trafalgar
Napoleons wife
Louis XVI
king of France until his unhappy ending when his delagates reduced his role from what of a king to that of a common citiens and prisoner. He died on January 21, 1793 at the guillotine.
Marie Antoninette
She was married to Louis XVI and she spent too much of the countries money and angered the citizens. They called her Madam Deficite
Maxamillion Robespierre
Dictator-during 1793-1794. He was set out to build a "republic of virtue" as he ruled it was named the "Reign of Terror" he ended his reign on July 28, 1794 at the gullotine.
The Prince of Austria and forign minister. He wanted to make things like they were the "old way"
Born 1769 Napoleon won a big war which gave him the title "Hero" and made him popular with the people fast. Napoleon lost against Haration Nelson as his first loss and he was banished to Elba and then died a lonly old age at St. Helena.
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote and signed the Declaration of Independance. He got some of his ideas from the philisophs from the Enlightment, like John Locke.
The prison in which the people stormed to get the gun powder for the French Revolutionary War.
There were arms and amunition that the British General in Boston wanted so the concord people found out that the "British were comeing" and they prepared themselves to fight.
Place in which Napoleon was banished to
where the battle of Lexington and Concord took place because the British wanted Concords amunition and arms, the first shots of the revolution were fired here and they don't know who fired them!
Capital of Russia. Napoleon charged in here, but the Russians practiced the Scorched Earth Policy which in other words they burnt the city to the ground so they would have nothing to eat. Napoleon stayed here for 5 weeks waiting for a peace treaty from the king that never arrived.
capital of france
Napoleon was headed there to make people abide by the Continental System
Napoleon went through here to get to Portugal and ticked them off so that started a riot.
St. Helena
where Napoleon died
Louis XVI created this massive palace to be his kingdom.
Last war that Napoleon fought in and he lost.
Where Napoleon made a blockade from Great Britain to India that didn't quite work.
Battle of Trafalgar
the fist battle that Napoleon lost, the general of the opposing army was General Haratio Nelson.
the use of troops or ships to prevent commercial traffic from entering or leaving a certian region
the lower class people that were more like merchants they were in the 3rd Estate, but they didn't get that much money because the pesants had no money to spend.
Spaniards born in Latin America, ranked after the peninsularies. They could not hold high level political office, but they could rise as officers in the Spaniard Colonial Armies.
Declaration of The Rights Of Man
August 27, the National Allembly adopted a statement of Revolutionary Ideas
the hereditary right of a monarch to rule
under the hestizos (people of mixed European and Indian ancestry) mulattos were the persons of mixed European and African ancestry.
Napoleonic Codes
laws or rules that Napoleon made during his rule.
at the top of the Spanish American Society, who had been born in Spain. Only Peninsulares could hold high office in the Spanish Government
Reign of Terror
The time when Robespierre was in control and wanted blood for everything wrong that happened. the time when the guillotine was most popular
Scorched Earth Policy
when people burn their own crops and homes and everything for a political reason
Tennis Court Oath
When the 3rd Estate was locked out of their building they went to the nearby tennis court and made and oath
Napoleons 3 Biggest Mistakes
1. When he made the blockade from Egypt to block Great Britain to India
2. The Continental System because it was supposed to make continental Europe more self sufficient
3. The Invason of Russia when he went into Russia to take over Moscow but it didn't quite work.