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Two events in teh 1800's durring China's Century of Humiliation?
•1839-42 Opium War w/ UK
•1861 Taiping Rebellion
what happened because of the 1839-42 Opium War w/ UK?
it opened up a series of foreign-occupied cities
what were the events in the 1900's portion of China's "Century of humiliation"?
1900 Boxer Rebellion

1911 Sun Yat-Sen & Yuan Shikai take over

1927 Jiang Jieshi [Chiang Kai-shek}

1931-1945 China goes to War w/ Japan
What was the Sun Yat-Sen takevover about?
Sun Yat-Sen leads revolution that overthrows imperial system and then creates the REPUBLIC OF CHINA

Sun’s Nationalist Found the Guomindang(GMD) movement that pushes out monarchy but cannot control national territory
What did Yuan Shikai do?
Yuan Shikai: Yuan supports a very modest reform agenda w/ unsteady backing of other regional warlords
Who was Jiang Jieshi [Chiang Kai-shek] and what did he do?
Sun’s Yat-Sen successor as GMD(Guomindang) leader. Jieshi forms a government with help from the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)
then rejects its Marxist version of anti-imperialism
(lead to the GMD and CCP breakup)