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Who was Samuel Adams?
Leader of the Sons of Liberty
What is an Ally? Who was the American's Ally in the Revolutionary war?
An ally is a group of people who aggree to help and protect another group of people.
The French were the American's Allies.
What event occured on Lexington Green? What was the first shot known as?
Minutemen were waiting for the British troops, led by Major Pitcairn, suddenly a shot rang out, 8 Americans died, 9 wounded.
"Shot heard round the world"
What were the Intolerable Acts?
Britain decided to punish the colonists for the Tea Party. They forced colonists to let British soldiers to stay in their homes.
What were the Writs of Assistance?
Great Britain wanted to control trade in the British Empire so the British officials had permission to search the colonists ships for smuggled goods.
What was the First Continental Congress? Who were the delegates that Massachusetts sent?
Met in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania to come together to fight back at Britain after the Intolerable Acts.
Samuel Adams, John Adams, James Bowdoin, Thomas cushing
What was the main cause for Great Britain to begin taxing the colonies?
The cost of the French and Indian War. Britain needed to raise money.
What items did Britain place taxes on in the colonies?
Sugar, molasses, stamps on all legal papers such as marriage and birth certificates, townshend acts, which taxed glass, tea, paper, paint, etc.
WHo was the American General in the Revolutionay War?
General George Washington
What was a "Patriot?"
What was a "Loyalist"
Patriot- Colonist who wanted independence from Great Britain
Loyalist- Colonist who stayed loyal to the King
Describe the events of the Boston Massacre?
1. British guard and an apprentice got into argument
2. Gaurd hit the apprentice
3. Crowds of people came
4. Gun accidentally was fire from a British soldier
5. Started a panic and everyone started fighting
6. Five men died, 8 wounded
7. Crispus Atticus- first black person to die for freedom in America.
What did the Minutemen do to make it difficult for the British soldiers to fight them?
Minutemen hid in the woods and behind trees and bushes. The British were used to organized fighting in straight lines.
What was the declaration of Independence?
The Continental Congress met and decided to cut all ties with Britain. Wrote the document and John Hancock was the first to sign.
What was the Battle of Bunker Hill called?
Battle of Breed's Hill