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What is a cross country flight considered to be?
More than 25nm from aerodrome of departure.
What are the manoeuvring areas?
Taxiways and Runways.
What is Carpart 12?
Accidents, Incidents and Statistics.
What is defined as an accident?
In what circumstances can you access the wreckage of a plane?
Remove People / Livestock
Protect cargo and aircraft
Disconnect E.L.T, data recorder,
Prevent obstruction
If you move aircraft wreckage what must you do?
Be moved only as far as to ensure its safety,
Keep parts in distinct areas,
Make sketches / photographs.
What is Carpart 19?
Transition Rules
Can you enter an airport security area whenever you feel like it?
No, only when performing his/her duties.
What is Carpart 43?
General Maintenance Rules