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Columbian Exchange
Transfer of plants, animals, and diseases between the Americas and Europe, Asia, and Africa
Line of Demarcation
Boundary established by Pope Alexander VI in 1493 about 300 miles west and south of the Azores; gave unclaimed land west of the line to Spain, and east of the line to Portugal.
Monroe Doctrine
President James Monroe’s statement forbidding further colonization in the Americas and declaring that the United States would view any attempt by a foreign country to colonize as a hostile act.
Albany Plan of Union
Plan written by Benjamin Franklin and other colonial delegates that called for the colonies to unite under a common governing body.
Circular ceremonial rooms used for religious activities by Native American peoples of the American Southwest.
Sole economic control of a business or product.
Proclamation of 1763
British proclamation banning colonial settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Spanish Armada
Large Spanish fleet defeated by England in 1588.
Declaration of Independence:
Statement of the Second Continental Congress that defined the colonists’ rights, outlined their complaints against Great Britain, and declared the colonies’ independence.
DATED: July 4, 1776