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What charge does a proton have?
Positive charge (+)
What charge does a neutron have?
No charge (NO)
What charge does an electron have?
Negative charge (-)
What are elements?
One of the 118 elements that occur in nature.

An element has only 1 kind of atoms
Ex. Oxygen only contains oxygen
What are the characteristics of metals?
1. They are shiny
2. They conduct heat and electricity.
3. They can be hammered without breaking.
4. Solid at room temperature.
What are the characteristics of non-metals?
1. They are not shiny.
2. They do not conduct heat or electricity.
3. They can not be hammered without breaking.
4. They can be a gas, liquid, or solid at room temperature.
Everything is made of ________?
What is an atom?
The smallest whole bit of each kind of matter.
What is the nucleus of the atom?
The middle or the brain
Where do the electrons "live"?
In electron clouds or shells
What two parts of an atom are located in the nucleus?
Protons and neutrons
An atom looks very similar to _______?
The solar system.
One grain of salt has over _________ atoms in it!
What is the periodic table?
An arrangement of all known elements in a chart in order of the number of protons.
The atomic number is the same as the ___________.
Number of protons