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Herbert Hoover
President of U.S. when great depresstion hit, blamed for diaster
non-elected government officals who handle government affairs
dreamlike, distorted
use of geometric shapes to show abstract structure of objects, not their surface appearance
atonal music
discordant and strange sounds
a new form of music started in America which emphasized experimentation, appealed to the young
sudden increase in prosperity
killing/deporting all peasants who disagreed with Stalin
abolish privately owned farms, force farmers to give up property and work on govt. owned farms with quotas
come under govt. control or ownership
Maginot line
defenses and fortifications protecting French from Germany
Fuhrer; led Nazi party
il Dulce - Italian leader during WWII; facist
secret police Germany
glorification of war in hopes of conquering other countries
Jew who shot von Rath (German ambassador to France's secretary)
Great Train Robbery
first film with a story; produced by Thomas Edison's company
movie reflected man's fear of machines taking over jobs, humanity
economic boom and when
period directly following WWI; experienced sudden prosperity
3 results of boom
1. consumers were tired of wartime restrictions/rations
increased demand for products
2. veterans found jobs at companies trying to keep up with demands for goods
3. inflation started to cause problem as wages remain same while costs go up
How did inflation cause problems?
Wages were the same, costs when up
economic nationalism
nations try to improve their economy creating tariffs against foreign goods
Great Depression (thought) date, where, results
Oct 29,1929; NY stock exchange crashed; ended market speculation; prices dropped to all time low, unemployment very high; spread to the whole world
difference between 2 parts of Ireland
Northern - Prostetant, stayed in British Empire
Republic of Ireland - Catholic, became independent
Lenin's New Economic Policy allowed free enterprise, private property and gave land to peasants
What did Lenin do?
first dictator of USSR who strove to build a new society
communism vs. facism (thought)
facism - dictatorship of the state over many classes cooperating; seeks to preserve social classes, private property, and appeals to middle class who dislike communism
communism - seeks revolution of all workers and promises a classless society with no private property
aggressive nationalism
believing one's country is better than all others
two titles for leader
Fuhrer - German
il Dulce - Italian
Why called krystallnacht
"night of broken glass" - Nov 10, 1938 cities throughout Germany, destruction of Jewish owned businesses
2 ways Nazis destroyed property
used pipes to shatter glass windows, burned buildings
4 steps of facist takeover; give example of step #l
1. wannabe dictators find out what people fear/hate and play on those emotions to gain support
2. promise to restore glory and power to the nation
3. dictator take power & destroy democrary
4. dictator takes on title and tries to expand borders
Example: Italian middle class feared communist proletariat revolution
Desribe Stalin's plan to force Russia to become modern and industrial. Name and describe 2 ways it caused hardship and death
Exportagricultural products to buy modern machinery.
Hardship: 1. killing/ deporting peasants who disagree (dekulakization)
2. abolish privately owned farms, force farmers to give work on govt farms (collectivization)
Use post WWI France to examplify lesson of history: economic problems often lead to political problems
Germans refused to pay reparations; conservative govt falls to general strike by workers. "Popular Front" (socialists took control); banks, weapons production came under govt control