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What are the deadly sins?
Lust, Vanity, Greed, Glutton, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, Pride
What are the types of theology?
Biblical, Historical, Moral, and Systematic/Dogmatic
What makes up Theological Anthropology?
1. Theological Harmatology
2. Theological Providence
3. Theological Preservation
4. Divine Gov't
What makes up Christology (study of Christ)?
Pneumatology, Soterioogy, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology
What is Pneumatology?
The study of the spirit
What is Soteriology?
The study of salvation
What is Ecclesiology?
The study of the structure of the church
What is Eschatology?
The study of the end of the world.
Types of inspiration.
Verbal inspiration (Bibical inerrancy)
Verbally inspired (inerrant for Salvation
How was the Bible inspired?
The Bible was divinely inspired and written by man
When does Israel's faith begin?
It begins with Moses and the liberation
What happens during King David's rule (1000-961)?
Before David ruled, he killed Goliath. His rule was called the Golden Age of Israel. During his rule, they won many battles, which was taken as a blessing from God. Through his battles, he eventually expanded the borders of Israel.
But, it ended when David committed adultery and his family killed each other except for Soloman.
And, he made Jersalem the capital of Israel.
What happens during the reign of Soloman (961-922)?
Soloman has a total of 700 wives. He is known for his wisdom.
Soloman builds the temple of Soloman, which is considered the greatest thing ever built for that time period. But, like his father, he disobeys the covenant. Soloman abused his power as king and heavily taxed the commoners for the sake of the upper class and their lifestyle. Soloman also had slaves. And, his actions split the kingdom into north (Israel) and south (Judah)
What do the Prophets do?
1. The Prophets speak for God. They do not predict the future
2. They see all injustice as big
3. They are the voice of divine rage
What happens in 587 bc?
The Temple is destroyed and the Babylonian Exile begins.
What happens in 540 bc?
The Persians invade the Jews
What is built in 520 bc?
The 2nd Temple is reconstructed.
What happens in 332 bc?
Alexander the Great invades Israel.
Why does Hellenization anger the Jews?
Through hellenization, which is the process of making everything Greek, Alexander tried to make the Jews change their belief from their God to his gods. Some Jews went along with it, while others did not. And, it caused a schism between the Jews that did not want to pretend to accept their gods and the Jews that did pretend to accept their gods.
What happens in 63 bc?
Romans invade Israel?
Explain the Jesu/Roman War.
Jewish people thought God would see them through their battle against the Romans. So, they started the war; and, it turned into a slaughter. The Jews did not have help from God.
Who were the Zealots?
The Zealots were the revolutionaries that conspired against the Romans. They agreed with Jesus on some things, but they believed that military action needed to take place.
Who were the Sadduccees?
They were temple priests and landed nobility. Priests are landed nobility. They only accepted the Torah; and they went against the Prophets and Jesus.
Who were the Scribes?
The Scribes were record holders. Every group had scribes.
Who were the Pharisees?
The term Pharisees means "separated ones". They were experts in the written law. They accepted the Torah, the Prophets, and the Messiah. And, they were able to make the law legalistic
Who were the Essenes?
They were founded by the temple priests. They lived in the desert to wait for the day God would kill the sinners who gave in to the other religions of their oppresors. They made a community in Qumran, which is a desert area. And, in the end, they were killed by the Romans. They were the ones that held the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Who were the People of the Land?
The People of the Land were the peasants that worked the land. They composed of 90% of the population. And, they were the audience Jesus talked to.
Who is Matthew talking to in his gospel?
Matthew is talking to Jewish people.
What do the Beatitudes show?
1. Jesus' preference for the lowly, sufferer, persecuted, and humble
2. This (teaching) is the fulfillment of the law.
3. Emphasis is on doing the law, not just knowing it
4. Jesus' radical interpretation of the law
What is the path of Higher Righteousness?
1. No anxiety
2. No hypocrisy
3. Do not be judgemental
4. No piety
5. Cannot love God and money
6. unlimited generosity
7. unconditional forgiveness
8. unconditional love
9. No violence
10. Love enemies
11. No lustful thoughts
12. No insulting thoughts
13. No anger
14. Total dependence on god for all things (Grace)
What is justification by faith through grace?
Being made right with God. No justification by good works alone.
what is sin?
Sin is a domain of power
what is the Christ Event?
The cross and resurrection
Explain the purpose of the Christ Event.
1. All people sin
2. All people die (death is punishment)
3a. All people must follow the law
3b. But people can't follow the law
3c. People can't make up for just sins
4a. Jesus is without son, but dies unjustly
4b. God accepts his death as atonement for all sin
Law = sin, death
Grace = freedom from law
When does the death and resurrection of Jesus take place?
30 ce
When is the gospel of Mark written?
70 ce?
When is the gospel of Matthew and Luke written?
80-85 ce?
What is the gospel of John written?
90-100 ce?
Who was Amos?
Amos was the first prophet. He came from the southern kingdom and traveled to prophesy in Bethel. Priests told him to go back and prophesy in Judah. Amos told the northerners they violated the covenant because they mistreated the powerless.
Who was Hosea?
He grew up in the northern kingdom. He believed God told him to marry a promiscuous wife; so, he did. And, his wife's unfaithfulness helped him portray the people's religious unfaithfulness when it came to their faith in God
Who was Jeremiah?
He was the prophet that told of the doom coming as the Babylonians were taking control of the country. He told them that they would be punished for turning to a temple rather than turning to God. He tried to counsel the king to surrender to the Babylonians, but King Zedekiah tried to run away with his family. King Zedekiah had his eyes plucked out after witnessing the death of his family.