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when a person is forced to give up their home or belongings.
38th parallel
the line that sepreates north and south korea
Tenant Farmers
people who lived on other peoples lands and worked their fileds for them for the pay of housing and food.
This day occurs on May 18 1945, this is the victory day in europe
J Robert Oppenheimer
Oppenheimer worked in a secret laboratory in Los Alamos New Mexico to build the atomic bomb.
people who came from oklahoma during the dust bowl to california for work.
This si when people thought the stock market was high and doing great even though they weren't
Fascism is a political movement that consists of a strong controlled goverment headed by a powerful dictator.
E. Y Harburg
he wrote the song brother can you spare me a dime
Aldof Hitler
Nazi leader of germany
the modern woman whose liberated lifestyle found expression in dress, hairstyle, speech, and behavior
Tennessee Vally Authority built damns and provided electricity for the areas in the south east vally of Tenneesee.
Neville Chamberlain
chamberlain was the british prime minister who met hitler at Munich
Charles Lindbergh
the first aviator to make a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean
Bread Lines
long lines of men and women who waited for food during the great depression. these lines were set up by churches and community organizations.
Pearl Harbor
An airforce base in hawaii that got bombed and destroted by japanese pilots. This led america into war.
Sinclair Lewis
he was the first American to win the Nobel Peace prize in literature
Harlem Renaissance
Harlem used to be an affluent white suburb in northern Manhattan, but by the end of world war one it became the nations largest and most influential African- American communities
Franklin Roosevelt
FD was the president after hoover who helped end the depression with a seris of New Deals. He had a bad case of polio. He was the president to have the longest term in office.
Zora Neale Hurtson
A black writer, wrote the book Their Eyes were Watching God during the Harlem Renaissance
a german forom of fighting in which the germans bombed with planes, shot with tanks and followed with ground troops. Also called a lighting war.
Black Tuesday
occurred October 29, 1929, it is the day the stock market crashed
The Great Crash
the day that the stock market crashed and set America (and the rest of the world) into the great depression
GAF of German airforce
D-Day was the day of the invasion of Europe , in which a massive attacked was planned to end the war on the atlantic front.
Teapot Dome Scandal
This is when Harding gave control of naval oil reserves to the Interior Department, and which was in turn given to two wealthy business men for a bribe of a half-a-million dollars.
Japanese americans that were sent to intermitent camps.
F Scott Fitzgerald
He was the writer who wrote the great gaspy. He ridiculed Americans obsession with money
Lost Generation
the young Americans emerging from world war one
psychologists who said that women had the maternal instinct sense but doubted if they were truly
Pink-collar jobs
jobs held by women. They were usually low paying jobs like a sales clerk, or secretary
Chester Nimitz
Nimitz was the commander of american naval forces in the pacific , he heard that the japaneses were headed to midway in the pacific.
Bonus Army
People who demanded their war bonuses. they went to congress to fight it.
The Scopes Trial
the scopes trial was a trial that began because john scopes illegally taught evolution in the classrooms
Joesph Stalin
Stalin was the communist leader of Russia
Thomas Edison
invented the electric light bulb and many other technological marvels
The first japanese city were the first atomic bomb was dropped little boy
Brotherhood of sleeping car porters
A workers union composed of mostly African Americans. Was founded by A. Philip Randolph
Nazi Party
The nazi party believed in extreme nationalism , racism, and national expansion.
The Blitz
The blitz was a long german raid againest egland that occured at night.
Sheppard Towner Act
provided federal funds to states to establish prenatal and child healthcare programs
Benito Mussolini
Facist leader of Italy
The Ohio Gang
Government officials appointed to cabinet offices due to political favors given to Harding
Margaret Sanger
a feminist, nurse who promoted birth control because of her experiences of women in the slums who would perform self-abortions, and believed that sex should be enjoyed without the pressures of childbirth
Fundamentalists were the people associated with the scopes trial that wanted everything to be kept like it was and to interpret the bible literally
ban of alcohol
Billy Sunday
a professional baseball player, and firm fundamentalist
Capitol city of south korea
Enola Gay
This is the bomber plane who dropped little boy on Hiroshima
Dust Bowl
Great dust storms that destroyed the mideastern countryside from over plowing.
Henry Ford
introduced the assembly line that made mass production easier
Warren G Harding
Republican winner of the 1920 Presidential election; publicly known, but accomplished little
The New Professional Women
women of the twenties who were college educated and were fashion designers, educators, and nurses
The modernists were the fast paced people who wanted to teach evolution
Nuremberg Trials
These were the trials in which 23 nations tried the germnay war criminals
Ku Klux Klan
A society of white supremacists which hung catholics, jews and blacks. They were revived in the 1920s and had many high ranking officials affiliated with them.
for Americans it implied a calming of the wartime madness and a return to the feeling that America was safely insulated and snugly isolated form the chaos of the rest of the world
Langston Hughes
He was a poet that captured much of the spirit the movement in a single sentence
Louis Armstrong
a jazz trumpet player during the Harlem renaissance
Penny Auctions
auctions in which farmers farms were auctioned off very cheaply.
Eleanor Roosevelt
The presidents wife. She was a strong advertiser of equal rights. She helped FD with many decisions.
make shift communities set-up by the okies in search of jobs during the depression in the labor camps. Those were named after president hoover.
Black Cabinet
Roosevelts secret cabinet that was composed african american members.
Herbert Hoover
president of the great depression , before roosevelt. He is often blamed for having caused the great depression.
Fireside Chats
Reassuring radio addresses from FDR to the public to let the public know of the nations progress.
Civil Civilains Corps was formed by FDR as a part of the New Deal to give the unemployed jobs.
The Jazz Singer
the first motion picture with sound starring Al Jolson
Japanese leader who ordered the desruction of pearl harbor.
The genocide of over a million people by the germans on concentration camps. 6 million of them were jews.
Axis powers
Japan, Germany, and Italy
Japanese Interment
This is when the US forced all nesei to move to camps.
Japanese suicide pilots
General Douglas McArthur
An american general who commanded th allied forces in the south pacific in WWII
Manhattan Project
The building of the atomic bomb
Dwight D Eisenhower
An american general who lead Operation Torch in Africa.
Capitol city of north korea
The Grapes of Wrath
Book about the great depression , written by john steinback.