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What is the Walum Olum about and who is it by?
The walum Olum is a Delaware origin myth.
What is the style of the Walum Olum?
A long series of pictographs.
What is the Navajo Origin Legend?
A Navajo tribe creation/origin myth.
What is the style of the Navajo Origin Legend?
Cites four gods and animals and corn as the beginning of the world. All of these things have to do with Navajo life
What was the Iroquois Constitution?
A Constitution that banded all the different Iroquois tribes together in a treaty.
What is the style of the Iroquois Constitution?
It uses elegant phrasing and metaphors to hold the audiences attention because it was spoken rather than written. Used the metaphor of a tree with long leaves as a shelter for all the tribes (The Five Nations)
What is a constitution?
A written or unwritten system of fundamental laws and principles governing a society.
What is oral tradition?
A system of passing sayings, songs, poems, and myths from one generation to the next by word of mouth.
What is the Journal of the First Voyage to America?
It is a journal written by Columbus about his journey to America.
Why was the Journal of the First Voyage to America written?
So Columbus could send it back to the King and Queen of Spain (Ferdinand II and Isabella) because they were finacing his trip
What is the style of Columbus' journal?
He is trying to sell his journey to the King and Queen, so he makes everything sound very glamourous and rich.
What is a Journal (in realtion to the Explorers?)
It is an individual's day-to-day account of their experiences. The explorers used it to document their travels so that they could be published when they got back home. They were trying to sell their travels and make money on tehir writing and on the hope that others will want to go back.
What is The general History of Virginia?
The General History of Virginia is a History of the colony of Virginia written by John Smith. The selection in the book was about the hard times the settlers went through until a supply ship came from England.
What Happened in the General History of Virginia?
Smith and some buddies are going out for food because everyone's starving when they are captured by some Indians. It looks like they're gonna bash his head in with some clubs when Pocahontas, Powhten the chief's daughter saves him. (It was all a ploy to have the settlers in their debt)
What is the style of the General History of Virginia?
it is a narrative by John Smith, but he writes it in third person, glorifying himself.
What is a history (in realtion to Smith)
A history is a factual account of events in the life or development of a people, nation, or culture. SMith's was subjective because it was by him, about him.
What is Of Plymouth Plantation?
By william Bradford, it is about the pilgrims sailing over to Plymouth on their ship and then the starving times and their realtionships with Indians.
What happens in Of Plymouth Plantation?
They come over on the ship, then they set up the colony but half their numbers die in the winter, with only 7 not getting sick. Then it talks about how they made a treaty w/ Massasoit, the leader of the Indians, and they lived eacefully for a time. Indian named Squanto was their interpreter.
What is to my dear and loving husband?
A poem written by Anne Bradstreet about how she loves and the are perfect together and how they will still be together in heaven...
Upon the Burning of our house
By anne bradstreet about how her house burned down but it was okay because she was too into her wordly possesions and her true happiness was w/ God in Heaven.
Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God
By Jonathan Edwards. A persuasive speech/ sermon about how people are bad and are only alive because God wants is to be so. He is an angry God and at any moment he could throw them into hell (Uses metaphor of humans are like spiders hanging over a pit of fire...)
Captivity and Restoration
Mary Rowlandson. She was captured by indians during te French and Indian war, was gone for a month, she had no empathy for the Indian culture.
The Autobiography
By Benjamin Franklin. Written by him about his life, talks about how he apprenticed for his brother James at a printing house in Boston and then went to wrok in NY because his brother didn't like him, and then he became and very sucessful printer perspn. Later he started trying to achieve moral perfection in a series of journal entries marking the good and bad stuff he did that day.
Speech in the Virginia Convention.
By Patrick Henry. Trying to convince the House of Burgesses that there is no cahnce of compromise with Britain, they need to seperate. Compares that they will become like slaves to the British if they don't split- effective because house members know about slavery and hardships of it. "Give me liberty or give me death!"
The Crisis, Number I
By Thomas Paine. Calls all the colonists to support their brothers in arms, if they don't everyone will suffer at the hands of the British. Uses aphorisms. Read to keep troops moral up.
To His exellency, General Washington
By Phillis Wheatly. Uses personification. Written to George Washington. Writes about how great WA is, was a black slave who was educated because she was obviously very intelligent.
The Declaration of Independence.
By Thomas Jefferson. Uses Parallelism. Declares the colonies independence from Britain. Cites the misdeeds done by King George.
The Interesting Narrative...
By Olaudah Equiano. Was a slave taken from Africa at the age of eight, bought his own freedom. his slave names was Gustavas Vassa. It was a slave Narrative/ his biography, he was slave for ten years, worked as a seaman.