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Who gave Sir Walter Raleigh permission to settle?
Queen Elizabeth
Where couldn't Sir Walter Raleigh settle?
Where a Christian monarch was not ruling.
What was the name where Sir Walter Raleigh settled?
Roanoke Island
What happened to the 1st attempt of a colony?
bad winters drove them out
What was the result of the 2nd attempt of Roanoke?
John White had to get more supplies.
When he got back Roanoke was desserted and the only clue was Croatoan carved on a gatepost.
The colonists were never seen agian
What was Jamestown?
The first permanent English settlement in the New World.
What saved the colony of Jamestown?
What was the house of Burgesses?
the assembly of representatives
What company did the Jamestown settlers sail for?and what kind is it?
The Virginia Company

Joint-Stock Company
What kind of land form was Jamestown built on?

Why was it built on that type of land form?
A Peninsula

To help them defend themselves
What was John Smith's Quote?Why did he say it?
"No work, No food"

because the gentlemen would not work so the whole colony almost died out.
What was John Smith's job?
His job was to trade with the Natives, and to help govern.
Why did John Smith leave New England?
He left New England for Old England because he was injured.
Who was captured by the Natives?
John Smith

rumored to be saved by Pocahontas
How did the Powhatan Indians act?
They acted hostile and kind depending on the day.
What tribe was Pocahontas from?
Powhatan Indians
Who was Pocahontas?
the Powhatan Indians chief's daughter?

the wife of John Rolff
What did John Rolfe do?
He founded a new type of tobacco.

Husband of Pocahontas.
Why was Pocahontas's and John Rolfe's marriage important?
The created a Bluffer between the Powhatan Indians and the Colonists.
Why were ports important?
Ports are important because they carry supplies from one place to another.
To treat someone harshly because of that person's beliefs.
Indentured Servant
Laborer who agreed to work without payment for a certain amount of time in return for a passage to the colonies.
Triangular Trade
A Triangular Trade Route from the West Indies, to the Colonies, to West Africa.
Slaves bosses on the plantation
A region of flat, low lying plains along the seacoast.
The right to organize settlements in an area, from King James |
The Great Awakening
the second renaissance

the idea that there is science reason for everything
A region of hills and forest west of tidewater.
Cash Crops
Crops grown to make money