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HOw many members are part of the House of Representatives
How long does someone on the house serve?
2 year terms
Who is the current Speaker of the house
John Boehner
How many senators are there
100- 2/state
How long do senators serve?
6 years
1/3 is elected every 2 years
Congress is made up of
House of Reps
What party holds the majority in the senate
Motion to Recommit
the last chance to amend the bill (mostly always fails)
Ping ponging Legislation
when the bill goes back and forth between the Senate and HOR.. Long drawn out process
Leadership bill
Healthcare bill that does not go through the legislative process and can be brought directly to the floor
Possible Presidential actions with a bill
1. Sign
2. Take no action but becomes a law
3. Veto
4. Take no action after congress adjourned , bill is killed
in order for a veto how much of the congress needs to agree to veto
Omnibus bill
Single bill that contains either a number of amendments or laws grouped together
Passed by a single vote
Examples of omnibus bills
Reconciliation bills
combined appropriations bills
private relief and claims bills
What website is the warehouse for legislation
-can see where a billl is at and everything else that has to do with bills, past bills, how congress voted
what parts of health policy does congress play a major role in
National Institiute of Health