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what is the primary method to objectivly determine a patients refractive error?
Name some clinical uses for retinoscopy.
starting point for refraction,compare with subjective refraction,clues for difficult refractions, good for non-verbal patients,cuts down time for refraction
static streak retinoscopy...
determines the refractive error of the eye relative to the point of fixation
If the retinoscope sleeve is down it is in
(Light beam is divergent)
If the retinoscope sleeve is up it is in
(light beam is convergent)
If the patient is a moderate to high myope where is the far point?
between the clinician and the patient
If the patient is a low myope where is the far point?
behind the clinicians head
If the patient is an emmetrope where is the far point?
If teh patient is a hyperope where is the far point?
behind the patients head
What about the far point for astigmatism?
there are 2 90 degrees apart
Static Retinoscopy
Clinician stays in one place while adding lenses to neutralize the refractive error.
Dynamic Retinoscopy
Clinican move the retinoscope in or out to find neutrality
If you get with motion where could your far point be?
-behind clinician (low myope, less than your working distance)
-behind patients retina (hyperope)
add PLUS!
If you get against motion where is your far point?
far point is between the clinician and the patient

When you neutralize the reflex in retinoscopy where is the far point?
At the retinoscope. created a myope equal to your working distance.
When finding neutrality if there is a range should you go with the more plus or the more minus lens?
more plus. "high neutral" it is good to come from plus.
6 charactaristics of the reflex that can be used to indicate the refractive status of the eye
brightness, direction, speed width, definition, alignment
What are scissors and how can you deal with them?
When the refractive error is different in different parts of the eye.

Turn the lights up to constrict the pupil, neutralize the central reflex.