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When is PRP indicated in BRVO?
1. Chronic macular edema (>3 mo)
2. NVE or NVD (no role for prophylactic PRP)
What are the risk factors for BRVO?
1. HTN
2. CAD
3. Inc BMI
Three conclusions of BVOS (Branch Vein Occlusion Study)
1. Focal helps Chronic ME (> 3 mo) in pts w/ < 20/40
2. PRP prevents NV, but should wait until it develops (to avoid treating everybody)
3. Decreases risk of VH in pts w/ NV
Two conclusions of CVOS (Central Vein Occlusion Study)
1. Focal doesn't work for ME (improved on IVFA only)
2. PRP does not prevent NVI (wait until it develops)
What is the etiology of CRAO?
Atherosclerosis related thrombosis at lamina cribrosa.

Also emboli, heme under plaque, dissecting aneurysm, spasm, GCA, carotid dz
What has aching orbital/face pain that improves when lying down?
Ocular ischemic syndrome
What does CRAO ERG show?
Decreased b-wave
What does OIS ERG show?
Decreaased a- & b-waves (due to outer & inner layer retinal ischemia)
What does a-wave represent on ERG?
Negative waveform, Photoreceptor function
What does b-wave represent on ERG?
Positive waveform, Inner retinal layer function (Mainly Inner Nuclear Layer from Bipolar & Muller cells)
What does ophthalmodynamometry show for OIS? For CRVO?
Low ophthalmic artery pressure in OIS, normal/high in CRVO
How much obstruction of carotid before doing endarterectomy?
Operate if 70-99% obstruction and symptomatic (NASCET trial)
Only mod benefit in 50-69%
Don't if 0-29% (antiplatelet better)