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what are fleet support officers
they are experts ast line management ashore of complex facilities with technical missions
What do engineering duty officers do
they give technical expertise to research development, design, acquisition of ships and submarines and their associated warfare systems
how long is the EDO Basic course and where is it located
6 weeks at Port Hueneme, CA after initial tours and warfare qualification
what is the job of Aerospace Engineering Duty Officers
they provide professional management and technical direction in the entire air weapon system acquisition process to improve aircraft, spacecraft, and weapons
How many AEDO billets are flying billets
one third
what do Aerospace Maintenance Duty Officers do
they provide direction in the development, establishment, and implementation of maintenance for the support of naval aircraft, weapons and equipment
what does naval intelligence do
they provide tactical, operational and strategic, intelligence support to naval forces and executive level decision-makers
Where do Intelligence people receive their training
Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Centre in Virginia Beach, Virginia
What function do cryptology officers perform
they give cryptology and Information warfare support to depolyed ships, signals intel where appropriate and information warfare
how long is the cryptlogy school and where is it
16 weeks at NTTC Corry Station, Pensacola, FL
Where is a cryptologist's first tour served
on shore
What is the job of Public Affairs Officers
to "tell the Navy story"
What are the three areas of public affairs
-Media operations
-internal communications
-community relations
what are media operations
to work with local and international media outlets to communicate to the american public
what is internal communication
publications, briefings, and news programs to communicate with internal audiences
community relations
when PAO's reach out to the American public through programs like public tours and congressional visits
how do you join the PAO community
through lateral transfer
What do navy oceanographers do
collect and analyze information about the ocean and the atmosphere for naval forces around the world
What do IP's do
they are responsible for offensive and defensive information
what does the human resources community do
they plan and execute life-cycle management of naval personnel
What are the staff corp communities
-Med corp
-med service corp
-dental corp
-nurse corp
-supply corp
-civil engineering corp
-Chaplain corp
-navy band
what rank is the surgeon general of the navy
Vice Admiral
How long is the supply corp school and where is it
22 weeks in Athens, GA
What does the civil engineering corp do
they supervise and execute construction projects, repairs, and other aspects of facilites engineering
how long is the naval justice school and where is it located
9 weeks in Newport, RI
when was JAG established
where is the basic corse for the civil enginnering corp
Port Hueneme, CA
where is the basic corse for the civil enginnering corp
Port Hueneme, CA
what areas do EDOs work in
-fleet maintenance & Industrial Management
-Systems engineering
How many specialties does the medical service corp provide
what is the focus of the human resources community
where do chaplins work
on shore, on ships, and in the field
where do chaplins work
on shore, on ships, and in the field
where do the chaplins work
shore, on ships, and in the field
What is the motto of the Seabees
we build, we fight
What year did the bosnian war end and what was the name of the treaty
1995; the Dayton Peace Accords
What is the mission of the M-198 medium towed howitzer
155mm field artillery support
what is the crew of the m-198
9 enlisted
what is the rate of fire of the M-198
2rpm; 4 max
what is the range of the M-198
30,000 meters
What is the mission of the M-109 Paladin Medium Howitzer
armored combat support
what is the speed of the M-109
35 mph for 217 mi
what is the crew of the M-109
4 enlisted
what is the rate of fire for the M-109
4rpm for 3 min; 1rpm for 60 min
what is the range of M-109
30,000 meters
what is the range of the MIM-104 Patriot
what is the crew of the MIM-104
what is the range of the DDX
100 mi
what are the billets of AEDOs
-operational support activities
-research, development, test, and evaluation
-manufacturing and production