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Donda _______el bano?
Where is the bathroom ?
Cuanto cuesta?
How much does it cost?
Puedo ver la carta?
Can I view the menu?
Que tiene para bebes?
What do you have to drink?
Tienen ensalad?
Do you have salad?
Tienen sandwiches?
Do you have sandwiches?
Puedo la cuenta?
Can I see the bill
Puedo traer un cuchillo ?
Can you bring me a knife?
Puede traerme una cuchara ?
Can you have a spoon?
Puede traerme un tenedor?
Can you bring me a fork?
Que es el especial de la casa/
What is the special of the house?
Que fruta sirven?
What fruit do you serve?
Puedo pagar la cuenta ahora
La cuenta por favor
Can I play the bill now?
Tienen bizcocho?
Do you have a Sponge cake?
Que van a pedir?
What will you order?
Que comdia sirven?
What food do you serve?
Me puede dar or traer mas agua?
Can I have more water?
Tienen cocacola?
Do you have coke?
Puedan traer mas agua fresca?
Can you bring us fresh water?
Sirven/tienen enchiladas de fajita?
Do you serve fajitas enchiladas?
Podemos ir a otre mesa?
Can we go to another table?
Estan listos para pedir?
Are you ready to order?
Les traigo algo mas?
Can I bring you something else?
Cuanto le doy de propina?
How much should I give for a tip?
A que hora cierran?
At what time do you close?
Quieres mas refresco?
Would you like more to drink?
Prefieres pescado o pollo?
Would you prefer chicken or fish?