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Jefferson Davis
the president of the Confederacy
Anaconda Plan
the plan that was made by the U.S. Navy to block southern ports and stop supplies from reaching the South, and divide the South into two by taking the Mississippi River
U.S. Grant
the West Point graduate that captured Fort Henry and Fort Donelson and who was surprised at Shiloh but turned around and came to victory
Robert E. Lee
the man that captured John Brown, the man who led the attack on Harper’s Ferry; (He also surrendered to Grant at Appomattox)
George McClellan
the strategist that planned Antietam and should have followed Lee when he retreated? This man also ran for president in the election of 1864
Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson
Lee’s right hand man and was also shot by his own men
Union ship that went to the battle with an ironclad ship and helped revolutionize naval warfare
ironclad Confederate ship was a dangerous to the Union’s ships because the Union’s ships were made of wood
Sherman's March to the Sea
title of Sherman’s action when he walked through Georgia burning its cities
Matthew Brady
the photographer of the civil war
Morrill Land Grant Act
the act that encouraged states to use the sale of federal land grants to maintain agricultural and technical colleges
Pacific Railroad Act
act authorized the building of a transcontinental railroad over a northern route in order to link the economies of California and the western territories with the eastern states
National Bank Act
act raised money for the Union during the Civil War by enticing banks to buy federal bonds, and taxed state bonds out of existence
Wade-Davis Bill
Bill that required 50 percent of the voters of a state to take a loyalty oath and permitted only non-Confederates to vote for a new state Constitution;Lincoln refused to sign the bill but pocket vetoed it
John Wilkes Booth
the man who assassinated President Lincoln
13th Amendment
abolished slavery
14th Amendment
declared that all persons born in the U.S. were citizens and obliged states to give the citizens “equal protection of laws” and “due process of law”
15th Amendment
amendment prohibited states from denying a citizen’s right to vote “on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude”
Civil Rights Act of 1866
act pronounced all African Americans citizens and attempted to provide a shield against the Black Codes
Andrew Johnson
the man the succeeded Lincoln and created a Reconstruction proclamation similar to Lincoln’s
Radical Republicans
party of people hoped to revolutionize southern society through an extended period of military rule in which blacks would be free to exercise their civil rights
Freedmen's Bureau
agency that Congress created to provide food, shelter, and medical aid for those made destitute by the war;This included blacks and poor whites
Reconstruction Acts (1867)
act divided the Confederacy into five military sections and increased the requirements of getting into the Union
Tenant Farms
was the farm in which people live and farm on but it is owned by a landlord type person. Also sharecropping is usually involved.
Ku Klux Klan
“invisible empire” burned black-owned buildings and murdered and flogged freemen to keep them from voting
Force Acts
act that was passed by Congress shortly after the Civil War that helped protect the voting rights of African Americans
Election of 1876
the year of the election of Rutherford B. Hayes
Samuel Tilden
the running mate against Rutherford B. Hayes