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What 2 modes will violent incidents be dispatched as?
- Stage for PD, pt count
- Respond directly, secured scene , proceed with caution.
Violent incident calls will be assighned to fire channel?
Who will establish phone contact with pd until the scene is secured?
Deployment chief/supervisor
Who will closely monitor the call from alarm?
-lead dispatcher
How will PD know fore is on the scene?
-dispatch will provide fire with the pd channel
-fire will monitor pd channel and tell them when they are on the scene or staged
The decision to stage is made by who?
-first arriving unit-command
What does a code 4 mean?
officer is secure NOT scene
When is the scene considered officially secure?
When the alarm room chief/supervisor gets a report from PD and relays it to onscene units.
Who will the on scene unit notify if they are going to make a decision to stage?
-dispatch for PD
-Dispatch for fire
When staged at a violent incident, how should your lights be on the truck?
turn off warning lights to not attract crowd attention.
How should you stage if you are 1 mile from the incident?
Level 2 in quaters.
How should you stage if you are more than 1 mile from the incident?
-min. 1/2 mile away.
-out of sight
-2 means of egress
If FD finds themselves in a violent situation they should?
-emergency traffic if necessary
-balance to VI or VI-A
-advise dispatch to rapidly send PD.
What is the code that FD need help and cannot provide details at the time?
In some unsecured incidents, where will PD deliver patients and what will they be called?
-extrication sector
VI response
closest engine or ladder and PD.
-ALS required
*bc for officer involved shooting.
Asslt =
Asslts =
assault stage for pd
gun shot wound
gun shot wound stage per PD
GSW2 =
gun shot wound 2 patients
gun shot wound stage PD 3 patients.