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Will enveloped viruses be inactivated by lypophilization?
Why do all influenza vaccines have the HA protein?
Because the HA protein is the most antigenic and in included in viral neutralization
Equine Influenza virus
-ssRNA, segmented
How is mucous penetration and virus spread accomplished in Equine Influenza virus?
NANA(receptor determinants) are in the glycoconjugates of the mucous, they attach to the HA antigen but the NANAase breaks them down, liquifying the mucous
Where does Equine influenza relicate the most, and where is the most severe disease causes?
Upper respiratory tract
Lower respiratory tract
How are the subtypes of influenza A determines?
HA and N antigens
Herpes viruses that cause repiratory infections belong to what family?
Characteristics of Alphaherpeviruses...
fast replication, inclusion, cytocidal
What is the incubation period for feline herpesvirus infection?
24-48 hours
What vaccines control infections with feline herpes virus 1?
Attenuated Live
Equine Rhinopneumonitis is...
Equine herpes virus 4
Equine rhinopneumonitis replication and infection...
Replicates equally well in upper and lower but causes most severe changes in the upper respiratory tract
What can BHV-1 cause in addition to respiratory viruses?
Infectious Pustular vulvovaginits
How do viruses causes by BHV-1 differ from the respiratory ones?
In the restriction fragment analysis of the DNA fragment