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function of the respiratory system
~gas exchange
nose & mouth
~allow air to flow in/out
~humidify inhaled air (reduce irritation)
nares (nostrils)
~contain olfactory receptor sites
~sense of smell
paranasal sinuses
~air-filled, cilia-lined cavities
~trap particles of foreign matter
~passageway to GI/resp tracts
~maintains air pressure in middle ear
~humidifies/warms inhaled air
~traps foreign particles
~voice box
~connects upper/lower airways
~contains vocal cords (produce sounds)
~initiates cough reflex
cough reflex
~defense mechanism
~c-shaped cartilaginous rings (smooth muscle)
~connects larynx to bronchi
~R/L large air passages lead to R/L lungs
~R slightly larger, more vertical
~smaller branches
~branch into terminal bronchioles/alveoli
~clustered microscopic sacs enveloped by capillaries
~exchange/diffusion of gases
~contain surfactant
~reduces surface tension/keeps 4m collapsing
~membrane covering lungs
~lines thoracic cavity
~pleural fluid lubs pleura to reduce friction during resp
~use bronchoscope to visualize trachea/bronchial tree
~PRE:fluids 6-12hrs
~informed consent
~POST:cough/gag reflex
~resp status
~mon 4 bradycardia (caused by vasovagal response)
chest xray
~pic of lung tissue
pulmonary angiography
~injec of radiopaque dye thru cath
~pic of pulm circulation
~PRE:allergies 2 iodine
~NPO 8hrs
~informed consent
~POST:peripheral neurovasc status
~check 4 bleeding
~no BP on extremity 24hrs
sputum study
~lab test provides microscopic eval of sputum 4 C&S, gramstain, acid-fast bacillus
~take first sample upon awakening
~needle used 2 obtain intrapleural fluid 2 deter cause of infec or empyema
~PRE:informed consent
~POST:assess resp status
~V/S freq
~position on affected side 1hr
~check 4 fluid leakage
pulmonary function tests (PFTs)
~measure lung vol, ventilation, diffusing capacity using spirometer
~no smoking/heavy meal 6hrs b4
~doc bronchodilators/opioids
lung scan
~uses inhalation/IV of radioisotopes to create image of blood flow in lungs
~allergies 2 iodine
~informed consent
~removal all metal objects
~check 4 bleeding
Mantoux intradermal skin test
~pt receives injec of tuberculin to detect tuberculosis antibodies
~doc any dermatitis/rashes
~doc Hx of past/present results
~doc date/time for follow-up reading (48-72hrs)
~pos: 10mm, redness, bump; not confirmed, only exposed 2 TB
~laryngoscope to visualize larynx
~PRE:informed consent
~NPO 8hrs
~POST:assess resp status/gag reflex
lung biopsy
~removal of small amt of lung tissue 4 histologic eval
~PRE:NPO 8hrs
~informed consent
~assess resp status
~check 4 bleeding
R lung
~3 lobes
~10 segments
~larger than L lobe
L lung
~2 lobes
~8 segments
~always compromised b/c smaller
~smaller b/c of heart
~test for AIDs
~pos, neg: take test again
~pos, pos: take western blot
~neg, neg: no WB, retest qYear
adult resp