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Cause of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
most frequent malignant nasal tumor
squamous cell carcinoma
Singer's nodule
benign laryngeal polyp, assoc MC with somoking - localized to true vocal cords
chronic bronchitis
productive cough that occurs at least 3 consecutive months over 2 consecutive years
characteristics of chronic bronchitis
linked to cig smoking; can lead to cor pulmonale; hypersec of mucus due to hyperplasia of mucus sec submucosal glands.
def of a1-antitrypsin
panacinar emphysema; also assoc w homozygous PiZZ allele (codes for a structural alteration in the protein that interferes with a1-antitrypsin sec)
Ferruginous bodies
in Asbestosis: yellow-brown, rod-shaped bodies w clubbed ends that stain pos w Prussian blue - from iron and protein coating on fibers
Asbestosis results in marked predisposition to _______ &
Bronchogenic carcinoma & malignant mesothelioma
noncaseating granulomas; reduced sensitivity/ anergy to skin test antigens (characteristically neg result on tuberculin test)
honeycomb lung
idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Birbeck granules
Interstitial lung disease - eosinophlic granuloma; characterisitic cytoplasmic inclusions shapped like tennis rackets.