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Name the parasite that causes - feline protozoan pneumonia
Toxoplasma gondii
Name the parasite that causes - canine pulmonary cysts
Paragonimus kellicotti
Name the parasite that causes - canine tracheal mucosal nodules
Oslerus osleri
Canine Lungworm Dz w/bi-operculated ova in feces
Capillaria aerophilia
Feline Lungworm Dz
Aelurostronglyus abstrusus
Which lungworms are identified by larvae in feces rather than ova?
Filaroides hirthi, Andersonstronglygus milksi, Crenosoma vulpis
What drugs are used to treat lungworms?
Fenbendazole, Ivermectin
Waht drugs are used to treat Lungflukes?