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Brethine is what kind of drug?
Adrenergic. It relaxes bronchial smooth muscle. Acts like the sympathetic nervous system.
Singulair's generic name is??
Drugs that suppress cough are called:
What are some side effects of inhaled corticosteroids?
Throat irritation, hoarseness, oral fungal infections
What are contraindications with corticosteroids?
Viral bacterial or fungal infections, CHF, DIabetes, Hypertension Hypothyroidism, Cirrhosis, Renal failure
How are corticosteroids administered in the non acute setting?
Inhaler (MDI) or aerosol
What does an anti leukotriene do?
Helps to prevent asthma symptoms and acute attacks. Leukotrienes cause bronchoconstriction and increased mucous.
What kind of bronchodialator relaxes the smooth muscle and decreases mast cell production?
Beta agonist.
Tachycardia, hypertension, nervousness, tremor, headache dizziness, vomiting are all symptoms of ???
Andregenics - (adrenalin, etc)
What bronchodialators are rarely used?
Methylxanthine agents ( Theo-dur, etc)
What are side effects of expectorants?
Nausea and vomiting, stomatitis, runny nose, drowsiness
What are antitussives used for?
In patients who are coughing, where a productive cough is not necessary.
Side effects of narcotic antitussives:
Respiratory depression, constipation, urinary retention, sedation, dizziness, nausea and vomiting
Contraindications to Narcotic antitussives:
Addiction prone patients, asthma, COPD, caution with children
Nursing teaching for antitussives:
Caution operating heavy machinery, start with a low dose and increase only when cough suppression does not occur.