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External Naris
Nostrils; undersurface of external nose
Internal Naris
internally; the 2 openings communicate w/pharynx
Paranasal sinuses
A mucous lined cavity in skull that communicates with nasal cavity
Name 4 paranasal sinuses
Nasolacrimal duct
A canal that transports the lacrimal secretion (tears) from nasolacrimal sac to the nose
Nasal Cavity
A mucosa lined cavity on either side of the nasal septum that opens onto the face @external nares and into internal nares
The vertical portion of the nasal septum is composed of...
Perpendicular plate of ethmoid, Vomer, Septal cartilage (and covered by a mucous membrane)
Divisions of the nasal cavity
Respiratory (olfactory) area
Nasal conchae (turbinates)
Nasal meatus
Location of vestibule
just inside the nostrils
Nasal conchae
-Superior (part of ethmoid)
-Middle (part of ethmoid)
-Inferior (separate bones)
Nasal Meatus
Series of groovelike passageways that sub divides nasal cavity (superior, middle, and inferior)
Nose function
-Warm and moisten air
-Filter and trap dust,etc.
-Recieve olfactory stimuli
-Modify sound