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arise from properly administered drugs
from administration error
CYP2C9 (P450) enzyme
- is only 10% normal activity
- some people have a mutant of this and they will not metabolize warfarin as well
a b2 mutation
(Arg16Gly) is associated with rapid downregulation
a b1 polymorphism
- homozygous Arg at position 389
- is associated with increased coupling to Gs and clinical hypertension
steep dose-response curves
common in cardiac glycosides
drugs affect by age
- 1/2 life increases
- Aminoglycosides (big time), Diazepam, and Thioridazine
drugs that are hard to take w/ disease and non-compliance
Benzodiazepines, Phenothiazines, Digoxin, NSAIDS
Cytotoxic reactions
Hepatic Toxicities of Isoniazid, Acetaminophen
Immunological reactions
Penicillin Hypersensitivity
what is the p450 of warfarin
OTC drugs positives
- can provide safe, effective, inexpensive therapy
- (famotidine, fexofenadine, terbinafine)
OTC drugs negatives
1) can be dangerous to certain populations or can interact with prescription drugs
2) OTC preparations often contain “hidden ingredients” (eg acetaminophen, alcohol, antihistamines)
Herbal durgs positives
- may provide therapeutic benefits in some cases
Herbal durgs negatives
1) current preparations are heterogeneous and not standardized
2) Some risk of direct adverse reactions
3) considerable risk of adverse interactions with prescription drugs