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beta 2 agonist
beta 2 agonist, fast acting
Ipratropium bromide
slow acting anticholinergic; for asthma
methyl xanthine
beta adrenergic receptor agonist; sympathomimetic; catecholamine derivative
long lasting beta-2 agonist
mechanims of beta-2 agonist
binds to beta-2 receptor which is linked to G proteins and produces stimulation of adenylyl cyclase--> increases cAMP --> protein kinases --> reduces intracellular calcium
Pharmacokinetics of Beta-2 agonists
systemic: reasonable absorption - variable - presystemic conjugation

Metabolism: COMT/MAO

Bioavailability: 15-70%

T 1/2: varies minutes to 6-8 hrs.

Inhaled: 8-15% of dose reaches systemic circulation...low systmeic circulations (ng/ml)
long acting beta-2 agonists
salmeterol and formoterol
anticholingergic bronchodilators
ipratropium bromide
Pharmacokinetics of inhaled ipratropium bromide
8-15% of dose reaches the bronchi

1% reaches systemic circulation

inactive metabolites in urine

duration of action: 6-8 hrs
longer acting anticholingergic bronchodilator

(same idea as ipratropium bromide)
Side effects of cholingergic antagonists in asthma/COPD
anticholingergic effects are rare and only at high doses

bitter taste!!! (compliance)

paradoxical bronchoconstriction (very rarely)
Paradoxical bronchoconstriction

(side effect of anticholinergics)
benzalkonium chloride...causes an exacerbation...its an antibacterial in the nebulizer

drying of secretions does not occur