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what are the 4 research studies
nautalistic observation,case studies,surveys correlation
stratagy 4 infering causes among varibles
survey descibs ...
no relationship of facts
no prediction what may influence facts
may include # data
nautralistic observation?
intrusive+ extrusive(part of/not part of)
observe and record behavior rather than than releying on subject observation(occuring nautrally)
Case study?
detailed description of an individual.rare or extreame conditions
survey methods?
self report form
population and sampling?

random selection ?
population-large gorup by represented by sample findings generalized in group

sampling-selected segment of population

each member has equal chance of being selected
corrolation study?

2 catagories ?

does it mean cause ation
does not explain cause .

measure-time spent on games(personality characterisitics )

examine -relationship betwwen catagories

no,A may cause B b may cause A
coeficat of corrolation? (2 kinds wut dey iz)
numerical indication of magnitude.direction of two varibles
pos. correlation-2 varibles in same direction
neg. 2 varibles in diff direction systematicly
can corrolation prove causaton
video games lead to less acedimic achivemnt
agressive behavior
may be unmeasured because ...
it has a cause factor
aggrive ppl attracted to video games
dunno boi