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The horizontal axis of a distribution.
arithmetic mean
Aithmetic average.
asymmetrical distribution
A distribution of scores in which there is not an exact correspondence in arrangement on the opposite sides of the middle line.
back-to-back stem-and-leaf chart
The back-to-back plots of distributions in which the original data are preserved with any desired precision.
bar graph
A graphic form for the distribution of data.
Showing two modes (of a distribution).
central tendency
Location of the bulk of a distribution; measured by means, medians, modes, and trimmed means.
corrected range
Crude range plus one unit.
crude range
Highest score minus lowest score.
descriptive measure
Measures such as and that are used to calculate population values.
interquartile range
The difference between the 75th and 25th percentiles.
Describing the condition in which all the units or events can, at least in theory, be completely counted.
frequency distribution
A chart that shows the number of times each score or other unit of observation occurs in a set of scores.
inferential measure
Measures such as S and S that are used to estimate population values based on a sample of values.
Boundless, or without limits.
standard score (z score)
Score converted to a standard deviation unit.
line graph
A line-graph distribution of frequencies of occurerence.
The arithmetic average of a set of scores.
mean square (S ) or MS
The midmost score of a distribution.
The score occuring with the greatest frequency.
negatively skewed distribution
An assymmetrical distribution in which the pointed end is toward the left.
The vertical axis of a distribution.
Scores lying far outside the normal range.
A point in a distribution of scores below which a specified percentage of scores fall.
positively skewed distribution
An asymmetrical distribution in which the pointed end is toward the right.
Distance between the highest and lowest score.
root mean square
An index of the variability of a set of daa around the mean values in a distribution.
stem-and-leaf chart
The plot of a distribution in which the original data are preserved with any desired precision.
standard normal curve
Normal curve with mena = 0 and = 1
symmetrical distribution
A distribution of scores in which there is an exacts correspondence in arrangementon the opposite sides of the middle line.
Conversion of data to another mathematical form
trimmed mean
The mean of a distribution from which a specified highest and lowest percentage of scores has been dropped.
unbiased estimator of the population of
A specific statistic usually written as S
The mean ofd the squared deviations of scores from their means in a population or its unbiased estimate.